NMAX Spark Plug Location, Where?

Nmax Spark plug Location – Are you looking for the location of the spark plugs of the Yamaha Nmax 155? If so, you must read this article to the end.


Nmax 155 is a motorbike from Yamaha, this motorbike is a automatic type motorbike with a CVT drive.


One of the characteristics of this motorbike is that it has a large body design and looks very modern.


Not only from the appearance, Nmax is indeed modern in terms of the technology applied.


Even in several variants, the Nmax 155 can already be connected to applications on smartphones to carry out several activities such as receiving calls to checking the condition of the motorbike.


Do you know? This Nmax uses spark plugs, just like a motorcycle with other gasoline fuels.


Spark plugs themselves have age and at some point must be replaced. Then where are the spark plugs from Yamaha Nmax?


NMAX Spark Plug Location

NMAX Spark Plug Location, Where?

The location of the Nmax spark plug is on the right and is covered by the body cover. For that, we have to open the body cover first. This is hard job.


If it's not clear, please see the image below:


NMAX Spark Plug Location, Where?
Source: Youtube/ Yudha 893

If you are not an expert, I recommend replacing spark plugs from Yamaha NMAX at an official Yamaha workshop.


Because if you open the wrong one, the motor body can be damaged and cause the motor to look unattractive.


How Long is Nmax Spark Plugs Can Life?

At least, the spark plugs from the Yamaha Nmax 155 motorbike can last up to the age of 2 years or about 24,000 km if you cover a distance of 1,000 km per month (ideal replacement is 12,000 Km).


This is classified as very durable and one of the reasons is because NMAX has implemented injection engine technology with VVA engine valves.


What Brand NMAX Spark Plug?

In Indonesia, Nmax 155 uses spark plugs from NGK with type CPR8EA-9. These spark plugs are very easy to find at the nearest repair shop (if you live in Indonesia).


Tips for Replacing Nmax Spark Plugs

We recommend replacing the NMAX 155 spark plug according to the brand and type. This is not a promotion, but a spark plug that does not fit can make the motor performance decrease.


There are aftermarket spark plugs that can improve the ignition system, but it's not uncommon for different spark plugs to have a shorter lifespan.

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