Why is Bali Famous? This is the reason - Bali is one of the world's tourist destinations. Bali is so worldwide even more popular than Indonesia. This is ironic, because Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia, but the popularity of Bali is greater than Indonesia. Then, why is Bali so famous?


Bali has long been a tourist destination visited by visitors from outside Indonesia. It is even suspected that Bali is visited by more tourists from outside Indonesia than Indonesian tourists.


Bali has become an "icon" of Indonesian tourism, because Bali is very well known as a tourist center in Indonesia.


Funny thing is, I've heard people outside Indonesia say that Bali is a country, or an island belonging to the United States like Hawaii.


Ah, let's go back to why Bali is so famous?

1. Like a Tropical Island Paradise

Why is Bali Famous? This is the reason
Source: pixabay

Like Hawaii, Bali is also a "warm" tropical island. Warm because the people are friendly, and warm because the weather is hot.


Indonesia is a tropical country, and Bali also has a tropical climate. This means that Bali only has 2 seasons, namely the rainy season and the dry season.


So if we go to Bali, we will easily see the expanse of greenery and fertile soil.


2. Beautiful Beach and Perfect Sea Waves

Why is Bali Famous? This is the reason
Source: pixabay

There are many tropical places in Indonesia, but it is not enough. Bali is here to offer beautiful beaches and ocean waves that surfers love.


Many of the world's surfers who deliberately come to Bali just to surf. Therefore, it is not surprising that Bali is very famous, right?


3. Hindu Religion Center in Indonesia

The spread of Hinduism in Indonesia has a long history. Reportedly, in the past the majority of the Indonesian population was Hindu, before Islam came.


Only a few areas in Indonesia still apply and maintain Hindu teachings, and Bali is one of the regions in Indonesia that strongly maintains and practices Hindu teachings.


So in addition to traveling, not a few travelers also come to Bali to take a "spiritual journey".


4. Vacation Costs Are Relatively Cheap

In Indonesia, the cost of living is relatively cheap. This is when we compare it with European countries, America, or even countries in Asia such as Japan and China.


There is a funny story when an Indonesian outsider illegally lived in Bali, where at first the person lived as a homeless person in his home country, but he became a rich man while living in Bali.


Currently the exchange rate of the US Dollar against the Indonesian currency is high, so don't be surprised if we vacation using US Dollars in Bali, then we can get quite a lot of facilities.


5. Free Beach Entrance

Actually, many beaches in the world are free, but in Indonesia there are several beaches that we have to pay for when entering (like watching movies and others).


But in Bali, we can freely enter several beaches (as long as it is not prohibited) and without being asked for an entrance fee. For example Balangan Beach, Nunggalan Beach, Tegal Wangi Beach, Melasti Beach, and Kuta Beach are some of the beaches in Bali that are free to enter, but if we bring a vehicle, we have to pay for parking!


6. Bali Bombing 1 and Bali Bombing 2

Why is Bali Famous? This is the reason

Indonesia has a grim history of “civil war”. The Bali 1 and Bali 2 bombings were one of the darkest terror events in Indonesia. This happened because of many incidents in the past and the peak was the Bali 1 and Bali 2 Bombings.


The Bali Bombing 1 occurred on October 12, 2002, this incident was the worst incident with 202 fatalities and 209 injuries. The Bali Bombing 1 incident was the beginning of the formation of a special team "Densus 88 Anti-Terror" in Indonesia.


The Bali Bombing 2 occurred on October 1, 2005 and left 23 people dead and 196 injured.


Because of this incident, Indonesia was labeled as a terrorist country and recommended not to be visited by several countries in the world.


However, Indonesia is actually a country with a friendly Muslim majority population. Indonesia is not a terrorist country, in fact it is very friendly to visitors (perhaps this is also what made Indonesia in the past colonized by other countries).


Terrorists in Indonesia are always opposed by the Indonesian government, and of course Bali is also safe to visit.

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