Is Bali a country ? Do not take it wrong - Bali, this place is the right vacation spot for those of us who want to vacation while enjoying the beauty of a tropical island with sea waves suitable for surfing. But, where is Bali? Is Bali a country?


I often watch Youtube videos, and often see people from outside Indonesia such as Japanese to British who know Bali.


Yes, most people outside Indonesia know Bali because they have been to Bali. But there is one funny statement when many people outside Indonesia think that Bali is an independent country.


Is Bali a Country?

Is Bali a country ? Do not take it wrong

If you think that Bali is a country, then you are wrong! Because Bali is part of Indonesia. Yes, Bali is an island and also a province in Indonesia.


If you think that Bali is in India, the United States, or Australia, then you are wrong too. Because Bali is 100% part of the Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia (NKRI).


This makes me sad sometimes, because outsiders in Indonesia who have been to Bali think that Bali is a country or part of a country other than Indonesia. They know Bali, but they don't know Indonesia.


But that's okay, and there are no prizes if you know that Bali is part of Indonesia.


However, you will be a little confused about managing documents if you later want to go to Bali but don't know that Bali is part of Indonesia.


About Bali

Bali is part of Indonesia in the form of an island. The capital city of Bali is Denpasar and the majority of the population is Hindu.


Bali people speak Balinese, so in addition to Indonesian and English, local Bali people also use the local Balinese language.


In 2020, Bali's population is 4,317,404 people. The area of ​​Bali is 5,780.06 km2.


At the beginning of Indonesia's independence, the island of Bali was included in the Sunda Kecil Province, whose capital city was Singaraja. But now, the Sunda Kecil Province has been divided into three namely Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, and East Nusa Tenggara.


Maybe you will ask, why do people like and want to visit Bali? The answer is simple, in Bali, you can see natural panoramas, perfect waves for surfing, and cheap vacation costs.


The reason Bali is often considered the country of Bali

There are several reasons why Bali is considered a country. These reasons are as follows:

1. Don't Know Indonesia

The first reason is because you or we are not familiar with Indonesia. Yes, naturally, Indonesia is not a country that is quite famous in the world like America, Japan, or China.


2. Unlike Indonesia in General

Some are familiar with Indonesia, but they think that Indonesia is a country with the largest Muslim population in the world.


Yes, it is true that Indonesia is a country with the largest Muslim population in the world. However, Bali is a unique area, because the majority of the Balinese population is Hindu and Islam is a minority religion, but from the data, Islam in Bali is number 2 after Hinduism in terms of the number of adherents.


3. Many Foreigners

Another reason why foreigners think Bali is a country is because there are many foreigners in Bali.


Yes, Bali is often visited by world tourists. And maybe that is the reason why we think that Bali is a country and not part of Indonesia.


In Bali there are no trains

Have you ever been to Bali and not seen a train? Relax, it's natural! Bali is one part of Indonesia that is not touched by rail traffic.


But the good news is that Bali is one of the areas in Indonesia that has the best road quality. So if you visit Bali, don't forget to take a walk to the city center, OK!

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