Indonesian What Language Do They Speak? - Indonesia is an archipelagic country in the form of a republic in Southeast Asia. This country is the largest country in Southeast Asia and is one of the largest archipelagic countries in the world.


Indonesia is a developing country in terms of economy. The country which is located on the equator is one of the exotic countries, especially in the interior.


It is noted that Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest forests in the world. We can see this on the island of Borneo.


Kalimantan will later become the new capital city for Indonesia and replace the old capital city in Jakarta.


By the way, here we will discuss about the language used by people in Indonesia.


Indonesian What Language Do They Speak?

The official language and the main language in Indonesia is Indonesian. At least almost all Indonesians can use Indonesian.


Indonesian is a formal language which is thought to have originated from the Malay language. However, Indonesian is known to be more formal and neat.


Indonesian has absorbed many other languages, especially Arabic, regional languages, to Dutch and Japanese.


Malays are a family of Indonesia, especially in the western region, while Arabs were Indonesia's trading partners in the past apart from China.


As for the Netherlands and Japan, these two countries in the past were Indonesian colonizers.


In fact, the Dutch colonized Indonesia for almost 350 years. It's been a long time hasn't it? Therefore, some words in Indonesian are loanwords from Dutch.


Regional Languages ​​in Indonesia

Indonesian What language Do They Speak?

In the past, Indonesia was divided into several kingdoms, but one of the famous kingdoms in Indonesia was Majapahit.


But besides Majapahit, there were other kingdoms in Indonesia. These kingdoms were identical based on ethnicity and nation.


In Indonesia there are many tribes and nations. One of them is Javanese, Sundanese, Balinese, Batak, Betawi, Dayak, Madurese, and others.


The largest ethnic group in Indonesia is the Javanese and another ethnic group that is no less large is the Sundanese.


The Javanese and Sundanese are located on one island and are close together. Java and Sunda are located on the island of Java.


Why are we discussing tribes? Because in Indonesia, different tribes have different languages. There are many languages ​​and it will confuse foreigners.


But fortunately, smart people in the past created a unifying language, namely Indonesian. So even if later we go to another island and meet other tribes, then we will still be able to communicate. This is similar to English being an international language.


So if you want to visit Indonesia, make sure which region you are going to visit. Because different regions have different languages.


But overall, almost all Indonesians can use Indonesian, although with a different accent.


From several references, there are more than 300 regional languages ​​in Indonesia. So it will be very tiring if we study them one by one.


For your information, although Indonesia is centered on the island of Java, it seems that the world's holiday center is on the island of Bali.


Actually there are still many exotic tourist destinations in Indonesia, but because the tourism system is still not developed in some areas, some other areas may not be widely known.

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