11 Places to Visit at Indonesia, Let's Go !!

11 Places to Visit at Indonesia, Let's Go !! - Indonesia is a tropical country located in Southeast Asia. For those of you who want to visit Indonesia and are confused about where to go, here we discuss the best tourist attractions while in Indonesia.


Indonesia is one of the world's tourist destinations. Although Indonesia is less well known in the world, but there are several places in Indonesia that are widely known to the world.


Ironically, many are familiar with tourist destinations in Indonesia, but do not know that these tourist destinations are part of Indonesia.


But that's okay, we're not going to argue about that, we're just going to talk about the best places to visit when we're in Indonesia.


1. Jakarta

11 Places to Visit at Indonesia, Let's Go !!
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Jakarta became the capital city of Indonesia, at least until now before the Indonesian capital moved.


As the center of the nation's capital city, Jakarta is one of the most developed cities in Indonesia. Of course, if we visit Indonesia, it won't feel good if we don't visit Jakarta.


By the way, Jakarta is very congested, so maybe driving on the streets of Jakarta is not a good idea.


2. Bandung

Bandung is also known as the city of "Paris van Java". Bandung is located not so far from Jakarta. It only takes about 4 hours by bus from Jakarta.


Bandung is a tourist destination that will certainly give us a different experience. Bandung is also one of the largest cities in Indonesia, and Bandung is also famous for its frequent traffic jams.


3. Bali

11 Places to Visit at Indonesia, Let's Go !!
Source: pixabay

Who doesn't know Bali? The island of Bali offers beautiful beaches with sea waves that are loved by surfers.


Bali is so famous that many people think that Bali is a country and not part of Indonesia.


The majority of religions in Bali are Hindu and Buddhist, so if we go to Bali, we will feel the nuances of Hinduism and Buddhism at the same time.


4. Lombok

11 Places to Visit at Indonesia, Let's Go !!
Source: pixabay

Lombok is close to Bali but on a different island. Bali and Lombok are part of an archipelago located in the middle of the southern part of Indonesia.


Unlike Bali, where the majority of the population is Hindu and Buddhist, in Lombok the majority of the population is Muslim.


Lombok also offers exotic destinations such as beaches and blue seas with waves that surfers love.


Even later, there will be a Mandalika International Circuit which will hold MotoGP and WSBK racing events, interesting isn't it?


5. Komodo Island

11 Places to Visit at Indonesia, Let's Go !!
Source: Pixabay

We shifted to the east of the island of Lombok. Yes, we will go to Komodo Island National Park. Here we tour and see ancient animals that are thought to be dinosaurs that are still left in the world today.


For your information, for women who are "bloody", it is advisable not to come directly to see Komodo. Because, Komodo likes the fishy smell and it is feared that it will hurt us.


6. Raja Ampat Islands

11 Places to Visit at Indonesia, Let's Go !!
Source: Pixabay

Raja Ampat offers beautiful and clear sea. In addition, this archipelago offers beautiful scenery and is different from the others.


The Raja Ampat Islands are in the Papua region, precisely on the easternmost island of Indonesia. Many world-class tourists travel to Raja Ampat.


One of the reasons, of course, is because Raja Ampat offers beautiful sea views. But some time ago, an incident occurred, namely a foreign cruise ship that damaged coral reefs in the shallow seas of Raja Ampat.


This is of course very disappointing and has drawn criticism from the world public.


7. Lake Toba

11 Places to Visit at Indonesia, Let's Go !!
Source: pixabay

Lake Toba is one of the largest lakes in the world and also one of the deepest lakes in the world. Lake Toba is located in North Sumatra. Lake Toba has become global and has become one of the favorite vacation spots for foreign tourists.


Lake Toba has an area of ​​1,145 km and a depth of 450 meters. In the middle of Lake Toba there is Samosir Island which is almost as big as Singapore.


8. Wakatobi

11 Places to Visit at Indonesia, Let's Go !!
Source: Pixabay

Wakatobi is a national park in Southeast Sulawesi. Wakatobi offers beautiful underwater scenery.


Where there are as many as 112 coral reefs located in a place with an area of ​​​​13,900 Km2. Don't forget, here there are beautiful fish that we can meet by diving.


9. Mount Bromo

11 Places to Visit at Indonesia, Let's Go !!
Source: Pixabay

In East Java, there is one of the famous active volcanoes, namely Mount Bromo. With a vast expanse of desert, Mount Bromo is an attraction for travelers who like volcanic views.


10. Borobudur Temple

11 Places to Visit at Indonesia, Let's Go !!

This temple is located on the border of Central Java and Yogyakarta. However, Borobudur Temple seems to make more sense if it enters the Central Java region.


We've been to Borobudur Temple once, it's quite hot here but has a beautiful view, especially when we climb to the top of the temple.


Many Europeans, Australians, Japanese and Americans visit this shrine every year. This temple has an area of ​​123 x 123 meters and has a history that is closely related to Buddhism.


11. Tana Toraja

If we like tourist attractions that are a little horror, then don't forget Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi.


We are a little scared to write this, but if you are curious, you can search more specifically about “tomb tourism destinations in Tana Toraja”.


Actually, there are still many tourist destinations in Indonesia. But for now, let's end this article.

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